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Validation and Reporting with Proficiency

Unlocking the power of design intent in CAD migration and collaboration processes is a high-stakes game. Enter Proficiency, a standout solution. It automates reporting, including analytics and validation through physical property comparison. This unique toolkit helps designers identify and fix flawed CAD methodologies, simplifying the translation of certain parametric features.


Source Model Analysis

The cornerstone of the Proficiency process is the scrutiny of the source model. This review pinpoints features with regeneration issues, missing references, or unsupported functions, all while indicating their hierarchical level. Such insights provide a precise gauge of translation quality, aiding designers in anticipating potential setbacks and planning corrective actions.

Converted Assembly Analysis

The Proficiency report also includes an in-depth examination of the converted assembly. This delivers essential metrics on the success rate of constraint translation in the assembly, invaluable for assessing conversion accuracy and ensuring alignment with the original model's specifications.

Individual Part Analysis

Beyond assembly inspection, Proficiency conducts an individual analysis for each translated part, specifying the parametric translation success rate. This helps designers closely monitor each model component, ensuring the project’s overall conformity.

Geometric Validation

Perhaps the most groundbreaking facet of the Proficiency process is geometric validation. This is conducted through a detailed comparison of geometric properties (surface, volume, center of gravity, moments of inertia, etc.) for each solid, part, and sub-assembly. This guarantees that the translated model maintains the physical integrity of the original, a crucial aspect for design intent portability.

Parametric Conversion Analysis

Finally, Proficiency offers an analysis of the feature-based translation, correlating the original and translated features, their conversion status, and when applicable, information on the cause of failure and remastering guidelines. This report provides an overarching view of the translation, assisting designers in understanding potential issues and planning the necessary corrective actions.

Through its integrated system of analytics and validation reporting, Proficiency offers a precise and effective method for ensuring design intent portability during CAD migration or collaboration.