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Paris, Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - KISTERS, a leader in CAD visualization solutions, proudly announces the release of 3DViewStation version 2024.1.166. This latest update introduces a slew of new features and enhancements aimed at streamlining workflows and boosting performance for professionals across engineering, design, and project management sectors.

Introducing Innovations in 3DViewStation 2024.1.166:

This version includes significant functionality enhancements such as:

  • Enhanced 3D Import Capabilities: Now with added support for SolidWorks 2024, and an alternative JT import mechanism that includes views and tessellated PMIs.
  • Improved Features & Functions: Including a new search field in the ribbon for online help, line width adjustment for contours, reintroduction of Korean language support, and enhanced wildcard support in VS License Manager for privilege rule configurations.
  • Targeted Fixes: Addressing various issues from JT import errors to improvements in circle detection, Windows version support, start-up stability with LMX License Manager, 3DPDF import options, XML-API enhancements, exit code cleanup, and more robust handling in VS License Manager.

Contour line width setting in 3DViewStation

These updates in 3DViewStation 2024.1.166 cater to the diverse requirements of CAD professionals, promising a more efficient and flexible workflow. Whether it's for complex simulations, large-scale projects, or intricate designs, this version is designed to enhance performance and user experience.

Version 2024.1.166 is available now for existing customers with an active maintenance contract.

For more details on the new features and improvements, please visit KISTERS's official website.

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