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Paris, Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - SimLab Soft has announced the new version 12 of SimLab, the latest update to its virtual reality experience creation solution. This version introduces significant improvements and new features, enhancing the user experience in VR environments.


New Features of SimLab 12:

For version 12 of SimLab, the new features are numerous and varied, each bringing a significant improvement to the overall virtual reality experience. Here are the main features introduced:

  • Physics and Gravity: Introduction of physics and gravity, enriching the possibilities for creating playful and educational content, and making the experiences more realistic. video
  • Design for Real Hand Movement: Trigger actions based on the user's hand movements, ideal for medical training and other practical training types, with easier hand animation. video
  • Simplified Shape Design: Intuitive use of the software to create and design shapes directly from the interface, making design more accessible. video
  • More Actions with Controllers: New features to use controller grips to design specific actions in VR experiences, adding a vibration function for an additional sensory layer. video
  • Voice Control of the Experience: Trigger actions in VR experiences via voice commands, allowing interaction in multiple languages. video
  • Fluids: Simulate real fluids to add realism to the experiences, ideal for VR chemistry classes. video
  • Climbing: Make any object climbable to allow users to climb within the VR experience. Video
  • Offline Immersion: Enable users to play their experiences offline on Quest, Pico, Android, and iOS, useful for conferences or locations with limited or slow internet connections.
  • Mixed Reality for Quest 3: Harness the power of mixed reality for the Quest 3 with advanced design features, including multiplayer mode. Video
  • Translation: Design VR creations in multiple languages with an intuitive interface that allows the addition of multiple languages, facilitating engagement with a global audience. Video
  • Enhanced Dynamic Builder: Renovation of the Training Builder tool, offering more control and efficiency in designing VR experiences.
  • VR Store: An online store that allows users to buy and sell VR experiences, where VR creators and service providers can monetize their creations.

With these comprehensive features, SimLab is the ideal tool for preparing VR sessions for product presentation, simulation, learning, and more. SimLab can import the majority of market CAD formats and can be integrated with your CAD software. This new product version is immediately available to all maintenance customers wishing to upgrade to SimLab version 12.

For more details on the new features and bug fixes, please refer to this page

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