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3DViewStation 2022.8 : Intermediate update for CAD Visualization

Paris, Monday December 12, 2022 - KISTERS announced the new intermediate version 2022.8 of 3DViewStation, the latest version of its CAD visualization solution. An update including updates for the import and export of CAD systems. 3DViewStation is available through Desktop, WebViewer / VisShare, Conversion Server (KAS), and VR products.

New CAD systems supported and new functionalities in 3DViewStation 2022.8:

  • 2D export
    • coordinate systems for DXF export now supported
  • Features:
    • New feature to import attributes from CSV file - uses fixed schema
    • Background color now supported for semantic PMIs
    • More options for BOM creation: bounding box dimensions, center of gravity, structure level
    • Display Face Attributes

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation, service applications, product configuration solutions and technical documentation on Windows Desktop, tablet-PCs and Smartphones. We recommend that all 3DViewStation users download and install release 2022.8.

The new product release is available immediately worldwide and current 3DViewStation customers can easily upgrade to version 2022.8. Complete release note including bug fixes list is available here.

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