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Paris, Friday January 6, 2023 -CADEX has announced the new intermediate version 3.16.0 of CAD Exchanger, the latest version of its CAD visualization and conversion solution. An update including updates to CAD system import and export formats. CAD Exchanger comes in a GUI application to take measurements, make dynamic sections and exploded views, explore assembly structure or check geometry properties and an application to convert data in batch (in command line ).

New features in CAD Exchanger 3.16.0:

- Added support of graphical PMI to SolidWorks v2015-v2022, and general support for v2022.
- Added CDXFB Converter Tool to allow fast prototyping of web applications with CAD Exchanger SDK without having to set up the backend first. Use the tool to convert any supported format to CDXFB for display in the browser with Web Toolkit. The tool is currently available for Windows and Linux.
- Web Toolkit addon was greatly improved with support for PMI annotation-shape associations and for working with and display of B-Rep subshapes (faces, edges, etc.).
- Added integration with C3D geometric kernel. It supports conversion of geometry, product structure and colors.
- Added support of graphical PMI to NX.

- Added support of russian characters in graphical PMI.

SDK/Visualization toolkit:
- Fixed broken selection mode when it is enabled before the first scene update.
- Fixed broken cursor shape for the whole window after iteracting with Qt Viewport component.

SDK/Web Toolkit:
- Breaking changes:
- Selection manager now stores only one highlighted item.
- Reduced model displaying time.
- Fixed d.ts file.
- Examples:
- JavaScript code moved into separate files to allow type checking.
- `pmiviewer`- now supports PMI associations: when PMI element is selected, associated
B-Rep subshapes are highlighted.

- Fixed bug with saving models in "Mesh Simplification" and "BRep Simplification" examples.
- Added text direction support in ModelData_PMITextComponent.

- Improved import of drawings with support special symbols.

- Fixed a crash caused by the incorrect conversion of names.

- Improved conversion for trimmed parametric elliptic curves.

- Improved stability of import on specific models.

- NX parser was reworked to increase speed and stability of reading.

CAD Exchanger is an easy to use and inexpensive CAD solution for viewing and converting 3D models. It will allow you to read the main CAD formats like Catia, NX, Creo and save them in another format like STEP, JT or others. This new version of the product is immediately available to all maintenance customers wishing to update CAD Exchanger to version 3.16.

For more details on new features and bug fixes, refer to this page