Merge or Join geometry

Optimize CAD data for reuse in simulation is the biggest challenge for CAE analysts. CADfix reduce the CAD to CAE process by automating this simplification. An efficiency way to simplify a model is by merging neighbor's faces, edges or solids together

The merge of entities can be done in batch or in interactive mode :

  • Merge touching solids
  • detect and join faces according to continuity
  • detect and join edges according to continuity
  • detect and join fragmented faces according to isolines
  • detect and remove sliver faces

Join Group of faces tool is available in batch mode and in interactive mode. In automaticmode, CADfix will choose the best join method and control the transformation according to Max surface change threshold. The creation of group of faces can be automate according to tangency between faces. The following video show you all possible modes and parameters to join faces.