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Simplifying CAD (Computer-Aided Design) models is the process of reducing the complexity of a 3D digital model created through CAD software. These models are pivotal in industries like engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. CADfix offers tools to streamline redundant elements in 3D geometries, such as fillets and chamfers.

Definitions and Stakes in CAD Model Simplification

Understanding the stakes in simplifying CAD models is crucial for optimizing their performance while preserving essential information.

  • Computing Performance: Reducing complexity boosts display speed.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: A streamlined model eases sharing and enhances teamwork.
  • Manufacturing: By removing unnecessary details, errors during production are prevented.
  • Analysis: For efficient simulations, quickly manageable models are essential.
  • Data Management: Simplifying models aids smoother data management.
  • Visualization: A cleaned-up model fosters better visual communication.

The Advantages of CADfix for CAD Simplification

One of the main challenges in CAD is preparing models for different applications. CADfix offers innovative solutions to achieve this.

CADfix enables CAE experts to automatically modify CAD geometry according to their requirements. It ensures reliable model conversion, be it solid or surface-based, into target systems. This software provides a range of features that enable transforming CAD data by removing any elements detrimental to calculation or analysis.

Suppression automatique de fonction avec CADfix

Automated feature removal with CADfix for optimal simulation preparation.

Fillet Removal Tool in Detail

CADfix offers tools that allow the removal of various redundant elements in a CAD model for the next phase of your project. Thanks to CADfix, you can eliminate elements like holes, fillets, chamfers, and more, with ease.

When preparing for simulation, it is sometimes vital to remove certain fillets. The "remove fillets" function of CADfix is an automated tool that scans the model, identifies fillets based on set criteria, and then deletes them.

In conclusion, CADfix proves to be an indispensable tool for CAD model simplification. Its ability to effectively process and prepare models makes it a choice solution for professionals.