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Extract Bodies from Holes with CADfix

The importance of preparing CAD models for simulation cannot be stressed enough. With complex geometries, extracting essential components or filling void spaces is paramount for successful simulations. The CADfix software has revolutionized this domain by streamlining the process and making it efficient.

Effortless Solid Extraction

Ever felt the need to extract a solid from within a component or an assembly by filling the vacant space? Let's delve deeper.

  • Imagine taking an impression or pouring resin inside the internal conduit of a 3D component.
  • The CADfix software allows you to accomplish this task in a matter of seconds.

Automated Imprint Creation

When dealing with imported parts or assemblies without construction history, creating an impression could be a challenge. But not anymore!

  • CADfix empowers users to automatically generate an impression without any construction history.
  • Moreover, this operation can be executed in batch, adding another layer of efficiency.

Time-Efficient CAD Data Preparation

Time is of the essence, especially when preparing CAD data for multiple applications.

  • With CADfix, you save significant time during the CAD data preparation, making it reusable for simulation, manufacturing, and prototyping.

In conclusion, the value of the CADfix solution in preparing CAD models before simulation processes is undeniable. It not only simplifies complex tasks but ensures accuracy and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.