Actify Product Update: SpinFire 10.3 Released

SpinFire 10.3 adds functionality to measure tubing as well as adding enhancements to the Export 3D PDF functionality. A few importers have been reinstated with a number of bug fixes to current importers. 10.3 also introduces support for 2 new languages.

SpinFire 10.3 summary of changes:

  • Tube Length calculator
  • Tube Length Bill of Materials support
  • Update of importers with the TechSoft 5.0.1 library
  • The Export 3D PDF plug-in is now part of the SpinFire functionality
  • Additional enhancements to the Export 3D PDF functionality
  • SAT importer
  • Rhino importer
  • TIFF importer
  • Catia v5 PMI fixes
  • Korean language support
  • Czech language support

Measure Tube Length

The Tubing command allows for the following measurements of a "Tube";

  • Tube Length: Measures the length of a tube from arc radius to arc radius of the part being selected and generates the total centerline length
  • Tube Bill of Materials: Exports a .csv file containing the following information;
    • Length
    • Diameter
    • Arc1 Center XYZ
    • Arc2 Center XYZ
    • BendRadius
    • BendAngleDegrees
    • BendCenter XYZ
    • Intersection XYZ
    • Total length

Improved Importer Support

  • Catia v5 R4 to R21
  • I-DEAS Up to 13.x (NX 5), NX I-deas 6
  • Inventor Up to 2012
  • ParaSolid Up to v24
  • PRC All Versions
  • Pro-E Up to Wildfire 5
  • NX Unigraphics V11.0 to NX 8 (3D Only)
  • SolidWorks Up to 2012 (3D only)
  • STEP AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214
  • SAT Reinstated
  • Rhino Reinstated
  • TIFF Reinstated

Spinfire 10.3 release is immediatly available for download for customers under maintenance