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February 18, 2016 – ITI announces the release of CADIQ 8.3, the latest version of the innovative 3D CAD model validation and product data quality product.

CADIQ compares CAD models of various formats to identify geometric shape, quality, annotation and PMI saved view differences introduced by engineering changes, translation or manual remodeling. It highlights shape differences in form, mass properties, surface geometry and topology. Quality defects that impede analysis, manufacturing or data exchange processes are clearly identified with no extraneous information. CADIQ analysis uses the native programming interface of each CAD system to maximize accuracy and robustness. Excel statistics are automatically generated to support process quality control. All functionality is available in a command line interface for integration into PLM systems.

New features in CADIQ 8.3 :

  • Improved diagnostic results and performance for complex models
  • Improved PMI quality checking
  • Improved NX annotation presentation
  • Improved controller performance
  • Enhanced STEP geometric and assembly validation property support (pre-production testing)
  • Enhanced JT interface to support CAD Session and Model Reuse to improve performance
  • Renamed "Different" diagnostics to "Change" diagnostics (more intuitive)
  • New STEP Tessellated BREP and Tessellated MESH support
  • New NX option to convert Lightweight Sections to Heavyweight Sections (pre-production testing)
  • New Surface Length Change diagnostic
  • Updated CAD interfaces (see specifications)

CADIQ 8.3 is immediately available for customer under maintenance.