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On WEDNESDAY, June 10, 2020 4:00 PM Central European Time, ITI will drive a new Webinar "Simplifying Large MCAD Equipment Assemblies for Plant Design Integration & IP Protection".

In this webinar we will discuss how CADfix PPS facilitates the fully automatic simplification of large MCAD equipment models, minimizing user interaction and saving valuable time and cost.
With configuration files to store simplification tool parameters, CADfix PPS provides a consistent and repeatable automatic model simplification process that helps users achieve the desired level of simplification.
Saved configuration files can be applied to process individual or multiple models in a batch run. The CADfix PPS batch system produces processing reports for each model, with easily accessible simplification results for user interrogation.

Simplifying Large MCAD Equipment Assemblies for Plant Design Integration & IP Protection

CADfix PPS command line batch processing interface means that CAD model simplification can be integrated into automatic workflows. It is often important to protect key CAD components from simplification during automatic processes, and here the CADfix PPS ‘Keep List’ exempts user selected parts from simplification operations.
This short webinar demonstrates the fundamental aspects of the CADfix PPS automatic model simplification process.

In 15 minutes you will learn how to:

  1. Populate and save a ‘Keep List’
  2. Define and save automatic simplification configuration files
  3. Process multiple models in an interactive CADfix PPS batch run
  4. Process multiple models via the CADfix PPS command-line interface


Discover how to fully automate the simplification of large MCAD equipment models with CADfix PPS