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At the forefront of nuclear decommissioning challenges, Cyclife Group EDF stands out as a European leader, tackling major issues such as decommissioning and nuclear waste management. This expertise is further enhanced by Cyclife Digital Solutions and their tool: DEMplus® for nuclear, a real-time 3D simulation software designed for nuclear operations.

DEMplus® proves to be a versatile tool, capable of handling various 3D model formats such as STEP, IFC, and SolidWorks, making it an ideal solution for modeling complex nuclear interventions. The strategic integration of CAD Exchanger SDK into DEMplus® strengthens this capability, offering unparalleled interoperability and flexibility in nuclear intervention simulation.

Introduction to Cyclife Group EDF

Cyclife Group EDF, a European Leader in Nuclear Decommissioning

Cyclife Group, a subsidiary of the energy giant EDF, has positioned itself as a European leader in the field of nuclear decommissioning. With expertise developed over several decades, Cyclife stands out for its ability to manage complex decommissioning projects of nuclear facilities. The company has earned a reputation for its innovative approach and commitment to safety and environmental sustainability, crucial aspects in the nuclear sector.

Challenges Associated with Decommissioning and Nuclear Waste Management

Decommissioning and managing nuclear waste represent monumental challenges. These processes involve not only the physical dismantling of facilities but also the safe handling and storage of radioactive materials. The complexity and long duration of these operations require meticulous planning, specialized technical expertise, and strict compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

Role of Cyclife Digital Solutions (Cyclife DS) in Managing These Challenges

Cyclife Digital Solutions plays a key role in addressing these challenges. By leveraging advanced digital technologies, such as 3D simulations and data modeling, Cyclife DS helps optimize decommissioning processes. Their expertise contributes to reducing risks, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards. Cyclife DS's ability to provide tailor-made digital solutions is a major asset in Cyclife Group's overall strategy for nuclear decommissioning.

Cyclife Digital Solutions and 3D Simulation for Interventions

Cyclife DS's Offering of Real-Time 3D Simulation Software, DEMplus® for Nuclear

At the heart of innovation at Cyclife Digital Solutions is DEMplus® for nuclear, a real-time 3D simulation software specifically designed for the nuclear sector's requirements. This advanced technology enables users to interactively visualize and analyze various intervention scenarios in a virtual environment. This revolutionary approach changes how interventions are planned and executed, offering a faithful and detailed representation of nuclear facilities.

Capabilities of DEMplus® for Planning and Monitoring Operations in Nuclear Facilities, Including Construction, Maintenance, and Decommissioning

Whether for construction, maintenance, or decommissioning, DEMplus® offers a comprehensive platform for mapping and evaluating various critical factors. Users can simulate operations considering radiological sources, interactions between equipment and the environment, as well as the physical and radiological characteristics of waste. This ability to model complex scenarios not only improves safety and efficiency of interventions but also reduces costs and execution times. By integrating detailed analyses of radiation dose and equipment performance, DEMplus® plays an essential role in decision-making and process optimization within nuclear facilities.

Establishing CAD Inventory with DEMplus® for Nuclear

Process of Importing 3D Models by Cyclife DS Clients to Establish a Physical, Radiological, and Kinematic Inventory

2 A collaborative real time 3D simulation software for nuclear facilities DEMplus® for nuclear Establishing CAD inventory

The first step in using DEMplus® for nuclear by Cyclife DS clients is the import of their 3D models. These models are essential to establish a complete inventory that includes the physical, radiological, and kinematic aspects of nuclear facilities. This import process allows for the integration of accurate and detailed data into the software, which is crucial for simulating realistic and effective scenarios. Thanks to this comprehensive inventory, DEMplus® can provide analyses and simulations that faithfully reflect the actual conditions of nuclear sites, thus enabling safer planning and execution of interventions.

Diversity of Processes and Formats of 3D Models Supported by DEMplus®, Including STEP, IFC, and SolidWorks

3 A collaborative real time 3D simulation software for nuclear facilities DEMplus® for nuclear Establishing CAD inventory

DEMplus® for nuclear supports a wide range of 3D model formats, making it a versatile tool for Cyclife DS clients. Supported formats include notably STEP, IFC, and SolidWorks, thus offering great flexibility in integrating various types of CAD data. This diversity allows DEMplus® users to incorporate models from different sources and formats, whether it be reconstructed 2D plans, 3D scans, or other data acquisition methods. This ability to handle multiple 3D model formats is essential, as it ensures that the software can be used effectively in a variety of contexts and situations within the nuclear industry.

Integration of CAD Exchanger SDK

Cyclife DS's Objective to Add Support for STEP, IFC, and SOLIDWORKS Files in DEMplus®

4 A collaborative real time 3D simulation software for nuclear facilities DEMplus® for nuclear Non invasive Integration

One of the key objectives of Cyclife Digital Solutions (Cyclife DS) has been to expand the capabilities of DEMplus® for nuclear by integrating support for essential CAD file formats, including STEP, IFC, and SOLIDWORKS. This initiative aimed to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the software by allowing users to incorporate a wider range of CAD data. By adding support for these formats, Cyclife DS significantly increased DEMplus®'s compatibility with commonly used CAD tools in the industry, thereby facilitating collaboration and data exchange among various stakeholders and platforms.

Selection of CAD Exchanger SDK for Its Non-Invasive Integration and Advantages

To achieve this goal, Cyclife DS chose to integrate CAD Exchanger SDK, a solution renowned for its ability to facilitate the import and manipulation of various CAD file formats. The choice of this SDK was motivated by several of its notable advantages: its non-invasive integration, which allows for a rapid and efficient implementation without disrupting existing processes, and its support for more than 25 3D file formats, while maintaining the integrity of geometry, names, colors, materials, and other object properties. In addition, CAD Exchanger SDK stands out for its API integration simplicity, enabling a seamless incorporation into DEMplus®. These features made CAD Exchanger SDK an ideal choice for Cyclife DS, allowing them to enhance the robustness and versatility of DEMplus® while maintaining high fidelity in CAD data processing.

Technology and Transformation: The Impact of CAD Exchanger SDK in Nuclear Decommissioning at Cyclife Group EDF

This case study demonstrates how the use of CAD Exchanger SDK by Cyclife Digital Solutions (Cyclife DS) marked a turning point in the field of nuclear decommissioning, a sector where technological innovation and complex challenges go hand in hand. The collaboration between Cyclife DS and CAD Exchanger SDK proved to be a significant milestone, bringing advanced solutions to unique challenges in the nuclear industry.

Key Points:

  • Leadership of Cyclife Group EDF: As a European leader in nuclear decommissioning, Cyclife Group EDF has distinguished itself by its ability to tackle major challenges such as decommissioning and nuclear waste management. Cyclife DS, in particular, has played a crucial role in developing digital solutions to overcome these obstacles.

  • Innovation with DEMplus®: The DEMplus® software, developed by Cyclife DS, has revolutionized the planning and execution of nuclear interventions. Its ability to accurately simulate complex operations has brought a better understanding and management of operational risks.

  • Adaptability of CAD Models in DEMplus®: The integration of diverse 3D models into DEMplus® has allowed for the creation of a detailed inventory for more realistic simulations. The support for various formats such as STEP, IFC, and SolidWorks has made DEMplus® particularly versatile.

  • Integration of CAD Exchanger SDK: The incorporation of CAD Exchanger SDK into DEMplus® significantly strengthened the software's compatibility and functionality. This integration enabled efficient and precise processing of CAD data, a crucial element for the accuracy of simulations.

The harmonization of the CAD Exchanger SDK solution with the specific requirements of Cyclife DS highlights the critical importance of interoperability and flexibility in the nuclear sector. By adopting this technology, Cyclife DS not only improved the functionality of DEMplus®, but also set a new standard for the simulation of nuclear interventions, combining innovation, safety, and efficiency. This case study illustrates how the adoption of cutting-edge technologies can significantly transform operations in a sector as demanding and delicate as the nuclear industry.