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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using SimLab VR Studio for effective virtual reality (VR) evaluations. This series of tutorials is designed to help users of SimLab Studio navigate through its evaluation tools and functionalities efficiently. Whether you are part of an educational institution, a corporate training team, or an independent organization, these tutorials will guide you in creating engaging and interactive VR experiences.

SimLab VR Studio offers various tools for evaluating user performance, including quizzes, surveys, and custom evaluations. These tools are accessible within organizations through SimLab Admin, which also facilitates the management of users and organizations.

For distributing VR experiences, SimLab VR Viewer and various Learning Management Systems (LMS) that support xAPI (Tin Can) or Scorm can be utilized. In environments where no LMS is available, SimLab VR Viewer provides a comprehensive solution for distributing and managing VR-based training.

Results from the VR experiences are conveniently accessed via SimLab Admin after the experiences have run. This series will cover the following topics:

  1. Getting Started with VR Evaluation
  2. Creating Quizzes
  3. Creating Surveys
  4. Pre/Post Question Events
  5. Creating User Defined Evaluation
  6. Distributing VR Experiences
  7. Viewing Results

Cick on links above to delve into each chapter, designed to enhance your understanding and skills in creating and managing immersive VR evaluations.

Getting Started with VR Evaluation

Welcome to the first video in our series designed to help you create and manage immersive VR experiences with SimLab VR Studio. To create and evaluate VR experiences, it's essential to be part of an organization. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of setting up an organization using SimLab Admin. Whether you're invited by an existing admin or you start your own organization, you'll learn the necessary steps to begin your journey in VR education and training.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to SimLab Administrator Setup: Understand the basics of the SimLab Administrator and its role in setting up your organization.
  • 00:44 Creating and Managing Your Organization: Learn how to create your own organization and manage its settings.
  • 01:20 Managing Teachers and Invitations: Discover how to add teachers to your organization and manage invitations.
  • 03:40 Courses and Lessons Management: Get insights into how to manage courses and lessons within the organization.
  • 04:29 Uploading and Assigning Lessons: Explore the process of uploading and assigning lessons to specific courses and groups.
  • 05:24 Conclusion and Next Steps: Wrap up the tutorial with a summary of what you've learned and preview what’s coming next in the series.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is a must-watch if you’re looking to leverage VR technology for education and training. It is especially crucial for new admins who need a comprehensive guide to managing VR content. By the end of this video, you’ll be well-equipped to create, manage, and distribute VR learning experiences efficiently.

Creating Quizzes

Unlock the potential of VR in education with our tutorial on creating quizzes in SimLab VR Studio. This video will guide you through the detailed process of setting up both multiple-choice and interactive questions within a virtual reality environment, enhancing the way you assess and engage students.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Creating Quizzes in SimLab VR Studio: Get an overview of the quiz creation tools available in SimLab VR Studio.
  • 00:32 Getting to Know the VR Environment: Familiarize yourself with the VR environment where you will set up your quizzes.
  • 02:21 Starting the Quiz Creation Process: Learn the initial steps to create a quiz in the VR studio.
  • 02:29 Designing the Quiz Interface: Understand how to design an intuitive and effective quiz interface within the VR setting.
  • 03:40 Adding Questions and Answers: See how to add various types of questions, including multiple-choice options.
  • 06:28 Incorporating Interactive Questions: Explore the creation of interactive questions that utilize 3D models as part of the quiz.
  • 08:09 Finalizing and Testing the Quiz: Learn how to finalize your quiz setup and test it within the VR environment to ensure functionality.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is essential for educators and VR content creators looking to incorporate interactive and engaging quizzes into their VR experiences. Whether you're assessing knowledge or reinforcing learning objectives, these quiz formats provide dynamic, real-time feedback and interaction, making learning immersive and effective.

Creating Surveys

Explore the versatile capabilities of SimLab VR Studio with our tutorial on creating comprehensive surveys. This guide demonstrates how to effectively combine multiple choice, interactive, and star rating questions to gather detailed user feedback without traditional constraints of right or wrong answers.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Creating Surveys in SimLab VR Studio: An overview of how to initiate survey creation within SimLab VR Studio.
  • 00:26 Setting Up the Survey Environment: Steps to prepare the virtual environment for deploying surveys.
  • 00:48 Beginning Survey Creation: From Panel Setup to Naming: Detailed guide on configuring the survey panel and assigning proper labels.
  • 01:43 Adding and Customizing Survey Questions: Instructions on how to add and tailor different types of questions to fit your survey goals.
  • 04:18 Implementing Interactive Questions and Star Ratings: Techniques for integrating interactive 3D model selections and various star rating scales into your surveys.
  • 05:39 Finalizing and Testing the Survey: Final adjustments to ensure your survey is ready and methods to test its functionality within the VR environment.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is invaluable for anyone looking to utilize VR for educational purposes, user experience research, or customer feedback. Learn to craft engaging surveys that captivate participants and provide rich insights into their experiences and preferences, utilizing the unique interactive potential of virtual reality.

Pre/Post Question Events

In continuing our series on SimLab VR Studio, let’s delve into managing Pre/Post Question Events for quizzes and surveys. The Training Builder is an essential tool for dictating when a quiz or survey appears in the scene. Typically, you might start a quiz or survey after introducing new material to the student, or even at the very beginning of the scene for a dedicated Quiz VR experience.

Quiz InteractiveElements UI

However, there are instances where a specific question within your quiz or survey may require additional scene setup or may need the student to focus in a particular direction. This is where Pre/Post Question Events come into play.

To implement these events, you’d click on the Pre/Post Question Event button in the Quiz/Survey dialog. If this is your first time clicking the button, a new event will be added to the Training Builder, as depicted in the images provided. This event can be configured to execute all the necessary preparations for the question.

TrainingBuilder PreQuestionEvent

If the button was previously clicked, selecting it again will open the Training Builder and zoom in on the Pre Question Event, allowing you to check or modify it as needed.

Post Question Events function similarly but are triggered at the end of a question. They are typically used to revert the scene back to its initial state if required.

Creating User Defined Evaluation

Embark on a journey to mastering user-defined evaluations in VR with our next tutorial. We delve into creating customized evaluation criteria beyond quizzes, leveraging the Report Response within SimLab VR Studio's Training Builder for a more tailored assessment approach.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Time Recording in VR: Understand the foundation of time recording within a VR context.
  • 00:15 Setting Up the VR Experience: Learn how to initiate a VR experience using the SimLab Academy resources.
  • 00:39 Running the Fire Drill VR Experience: See how to run and interact with a fire drill VR simulation.
  • 02:10 Recording and Reporting Time in VR Studio: Get to know how to record and report time through user-defined variables.
  • 04:21 Handling Task Failure in VR: Discover the method for managing task failures and the reporting mechanisms within the VR experience.
  • 06:00 Distributing the VR Lesson and Viewing Results: Find out how to distribute your VR lessons and view the results from participants.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is a goldmine for VR content creators, educators, and trainers who want to implement comprehensive evaluations in their VR sessions. With the Report Response, you gain the flexibility to document every aspect of the user's journey, creating a detailed performance report that goes beyond traditional quiz formats.

Distributing VR Experiences

Dive into the world of VR education with our tutorial on how to share VR experiences created in VR Studio. Whether you're utilizing an existing LMS or looking to distribute content directly through SimLab VR Viewer, this guide will cover everything you need to know to get your VR content into the hands of users or groups effectively.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Uploading and Sharing Lessons in SimLab VR: Kickstart your journey in sharing VR educational content.
  • 00:14 Starting the Upload Process: Initiate the upload process with a clear step-by-step walkthrough.
  • 00:27 Preparing the Lesson for Upload: Prepare your lesson with the necessary details for a seamless upload.
  • 00:38 Sharing Options and Uploading: Explore the different avenues for sharing your VR experience.
  • 01:13 Filling Out Lesson Details: Complete your lesson details for clarity and recognition.
  • 01:51 Adjusting VR and LRS Settings: Fine-tune your settings to ensure the best user experience.
  • 02:25 Uploading and Managing Lessons: Upload your lesson to the cloud and learn how to manage it post-upload.
  • 02:51 Sharing Lessons with Students: Discover how to distribute your VR lesson to students.
  • 04:33 Student Access and Interaction: Understand the student's perspective and their interaction with the lesson.
  • 05:34 Conclusion and Next Steps: Conclude the process and learn what's coming up in the series.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is a treasure trove for VR creators, educators, and anyone interested in the distribution of virtual learning materials. You'll learn the ins and outs of VR lesson distribution, from using SimLab VR Viewer's robust upload and share capabilities to integrating with an LMS, giving you the flexibility to reach your audience in the most effective way.

Viewing Results

Dive into the essentials of evaluating and analyzing VR training sessions with our detailed tutorial on using SimLab Admin to view results. Whether you are a teacher looking to assess student performance or a trainer analyzing participant engagement, this guide will walk you through the process of accessing and understanding the outcomes of quizzes, surveys, and custom evaluations created in SimLab VR Studio.

What You'll Learn:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Survey and Quiz Results Analysis: Overview of how to analyze results from VR evaluations including quizzes and surveys.
  • 01:39 Exploring the Quiz Results: Steps to access and review the outcomes of quizzes within SimLab VR Studio.
  • 01:45 Navigating the Administrator Interface in SimLab VR Studio: How to use the Admin interface to find and manage educational content.
  • 02:13 Detailed Analysis of Quiz Participation and Performance: Detailed instructions on viewing different trial results, setting passing marks, and understanding participant performance.
  • 03:43 Exporting Results and Integrating with Systems: Learn how to export results to CSV for further analysis or integration with other systems.
  • 04:14 Understanding Survey Results and Statistics: Techniques for interpreting survey results and extracting valuable statistics.

Why Watch This Tutorial?

This tutorial is essential for anyone using SimLab VR Studio for educational purposes. Learn to navigate the admin panel, analyze data effectively, and make informed decisions about your VR content. The skills acquired here will enhance your ability to provide targeted feedback and optimize future VR experiences.

SimLab VR Studio stands out as an ideal solution for creating and managing educational VR experiences, combining accessibility with advanced features. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-master tools allow trainers to develop immersive experiences without requiring programming skills. The ability to modify and customize existing scenes, coupled with a rich library of ready-to-use content, facilitates the rapid and efficient creation of interactive learning modules.

With a coding-free event management system, SimLab VR Studio offers exceptional flexibility for integrating complex interactions. Starting at 468€ per year (and a completely free Viewer), SimLab Studio represents an economical option for businesses looking to incorporate VR into their educational tools, making virtual reality technology more accessible and effective for enriching educational pathways.