Translate and Repair with CADfix

CADfix's suite of translation and repair tools allows designers, analysts and engineers to exchange their CAD/CAM/CAE data quickly and easily, eliminating up to 90 percent of data rework. Our translation and repair solutions offer numerous advantages and support:

  • Multiple CAD imports
  • Batch processing
  • Intelligent model quality diagnostics and repair
  • Automatic processing Wizards
  • User-controlled model defeaturing
  • Interactive fixing tools
  • Multiple CAD/CAE exports

We designed the workflow within our translation and repair solutions to accommodate novice, occasional and experienced users, so translations and repairs requiring manual intervention can be completed with minimal effort:

  • Diagnostic results are explained and illustrated in clear, accessible language
  • Problems are color-coded according to severity
  • Users are guided through a choice of solutions
  • Model diagnostics are automatically updated after each repair