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This video presents 3 methodologies to build a completely missing face in CADfix.

When there is a big "Hole" in body, it's impossible to fix this issue only by stitching. The first methodology is completely automatic, for novice user. CADfix creates a new face using a loop with 4 edges. If all faces are connected, a new solid is also created.

The second methodology is driven mode. By switching off : "Approximate missing surface", repair will fail. Diagnostic scan will show the problem. Select the problem and choose "build face" in the recommended list. The result will be exactly the same as previously but you get control to accept or not the approximate surface. The driven mode detect the main issue have been fixed and suggest to continue in automatic mode. This is our recommended methodology to fix missing faces.

The third methodology is dedicated to expert who need to build with precision surfaces. Go to the tab: "tool" and select: "Build surface". There are many way to build a surface. "Blend" methodology to create surface will provide better quality than automatic modes. you have to create the face based on this surface, next build the solid.