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This video introduces different stages during CADfix repair and prepare processes. Automatic processing Wizards help novices, occasional and experienced users to complete CAD translation and CAE simplification with minimal effort.

During a typical process, CADfix imports a model from various CAD formats, repairs the topology to get a fully connected model. In other words, it stitches faces to get a solid. The Transform task is optional. It removes unnecessary features and simplifies the model for CAE applications. The Prepare task adjusts the geometry to be suitable for the target format and application. For example, it will reduce the degree of NURBS or transform it from Analytic to NURBS or vice versa. Finally, CADfix exports the model to the target format. Most of the time, this process is fully automatic. It can be run in batch mode.

For those cases where the automatic process is not possible due to problems, the driven mode will help users. Most of the tasks are automatic but users will be able to control tolerance and choose the best fix method. Driven mode is applicable either during Repair or Prepare. CADfix will automatically switch to automatic mode once blocking issues have been resolved.

For experts, the interactive mode allows users full access to all the tools available in CADfix. This mode is primarily for cases where the driven mode could not identify the problem, or the fix is not on the list of recommended solutions.