What is MBD?

In the area of CAD, Model-Based Definition (MBD) defines the system and techniques used to document a product using as completely as possible 3D data. The main component is an annotated 3D model that includes 3D geometry, manufacturing information (PMI), metadata, and other design or manufacturing informations. PMI include dimensions, tolerances, roughness, notes, welding information and other attributes.

Most products can not be fully defined by 3D data. Additional data can be documented in lists, diagrams, matrices and other 2D documents. Along with the annotated 3D model, these files and documents are gathered in a Technical Data Package (TDP). A TDP is a set of files or documents that contains all the information needed to completely define a product and its requirements. TDPs are created by the design office and used by other departments, such as manufacturing, quality, assembly, service, technical publication, etc. A TDP is usually a combination of 2D and 3D data. Today, with the MBD approach, the trend is evolving towards 3D TDPs.

Technical Data Package - TDP

A Technical Data Package