Morphing CAD Geometry from Meshing with CADfix DX

Morphing CAD Geometry from Meshing with CADfix DX

Following a CAE simulation, it is often necessary to rework the CAD to adjust the CAD model based on the results of the analysis. This manual work can be time-consuming and often requires CAD models to approximate the results of the simulation or to be built from scratch by hand, with limited reuse of the original model geometry.

The CADfix geometry morphing tool allows users to automatically transform existing CAD model geometry to accurately match a simulation displacement field, using a mesh pair that matches the original CAD and the deformed shape, for example the turbine blade from a thermomechanical analysis.

morph a CAD geometry from a CAE result

Generate a new geometry using a deformed mesh from an analysis.

With intelligent mesh and geometry matching, CADfix can generate a new CAD model by morphing the original CAD using the mesh as a deformation guide. This process automatically provides a new CAD BREP geometry corresponding to the deformed mesh shape, ready to be exported to other CAD or simulation processes.