CADfix Video for repair

Fixing a face with intersecting loop

This video demonstrates the use of the CADfix to resolve an issue with an apparently good model that effects a specific downstream application.
When this model is processed fully automatically it successfully exports to the ACIS format, passing the ACIS Body Checker. However when it is used in a meshing application there is a meshing failure for a particular surface that contains touching or self intersecting loops.

Fix folded surface

Fix folded surfaces

Models often contain surfaces that are distorted, sometimes folded or twisted. CADfix deals with many of these surface problems automatically in the flavoring process but this example demonstrates how they could be dealt manually if required.

Reducing High Degree NURBS Surfaces

Reducing High Degree NURBS Surfaces

This video demonstrates the use of CADfix to reduce the degree of some surfaces to suite the needs of a particular CAD system.

Build a missing face

Build a missing face and solid

This video presents 3 methodologies to build a completely missing face in CADfix.

Closing a Large Edge Gap

Closing a Large Edge Gap with CADfix

This video demonstrates the use of CADfix to repair of a model where a large edge gap exists and exceeds the automatic stitching tolerance.

CADfix Processes

This video introduces different stages during CADfix repair and prepare processes. Automatic processing Wizards help novice, occasional and experienced users to complete CAD translation and CAE simplification with minimal effort.

CADfix Terminology and Concept

This video introduces important CADfix terminology and concept to help you understand difference between topology and geometry.