CADfix Video for CAD Weight Reduction

CADfix Simplification live demonstration - Large structure

This video present CADfix simplification tools to remove small bodies and transformation some complex solids to bounding box.

CADfix Simplification live demonstration - Small ACIS engine blower assembly

This video show you an example of interactive simplification on a small engine assembly using CADfix Equipement simplification tools.

Simplify process plant or piping : Overview of CADfix features

CADfix has many tools to simplify CAD models. Discover in a video some features that apply in the areas of industrial implantation, plant design or piping. Click to watch the video.

Create a ShrinkWrap from a complex model

CADfix provides many functionality to simplify a model. Shrink-Wrap tool transforms a complex assembly to a lightweight facet wrap. Click to watch the video.