Automation of Legacy Data Migration

Getting high quality and consistent legacy data migration results is challenging. There are dozens of variables that affect whether a migrated model is usable or requires additional rework. DEXcenter Automation Framework incorporates the defined migration methodology in a repeatable way to ensure best practices.


Extensive Processing Support: DEXcenter migration automation is enabled to support processing of hundreds of assorted CAD related applications including but not limited to:

  • CAD system standards translators (IGES, STEP, DXF, Parasolid, ACIS)
  • Direct translators from ITI, other vendors, customer specific applications
  • 2D drawing mapping and flavoring for migration via IGESworks or Draftview
  • 3D Model translation and repair applications such as CADfix
  • Feature Exchange translation application such as Proficiency
  • Validation applications such as CADIQ
  • Other generalized pre-post migration processing functionality that requires automation
  • Incorporation of 3rd party software products such as feature based translators
  • Integration into PLM/PDM systems to better automate migration worksflows

Intelligent, Scalable, Dynamic Migrations: Legacy data migration automation can be configured to intelligently adapt to different translation conditions which might require using different translators or different translation options. It also supports multiple translation servers and load balancing mechanisms to allow scaling to achieve the desired throughput.

Effective Resource Utilization: CAD Interop's approach to legacy data migration automation maximizes the use of expensive software licenses. Rather than have multiple software product licenses on assorted users desktops, consolidating use through the DEXcenter reduces the need for licenses. License checking and load balancing keeps these licenses busy while simultaneously reducing the risk of failures due to unavailable resources.